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    Joan Baldirà

    Baldira is the artist of the watercolors. He uses this way to express the sensitivity in the art of the painting and the creation of beauty.

    He uses the refined technique of the " pure watercolor " which contributes decidedly to that kind of magic that offers the color's transparency. The artist abstains from mixed techniques and only leans on the three basic elements of the authentic watercolor, paper, water and color that help to the freshness, purity and transparency to paintings.

    Baldira manages all the possible topics with equal result, landscape, figure, portrait, etc.. He provides all of them with his own unmistakable style that one can define as an impressionism of the pure watercolor.

    His work gathers the color and the light of the artist's country, Catalunya, Spain. The Pyrenean mountains and valleys, the beaches of the Mediterranean sea, Barcelona, etc..

    B. Xifre Morros, a critic and merchant of art, old stager enthusiastic watercolors lover, some times ago, talking about the attainable artistic quality with the the pure watercolor technique, wrote : " Baldira, prophet artist " .

    Someone has also said that in Baldira's works one can feel the air, the atmosphere of the scene is comprised in his paintings.

    Other many rewarding feelings can be provoked by the original work of this artist.



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